Hello. My name is Stace Lindsay. I'm a husband and father. A native of Montana who has lived and worked in a wide variety of interesting places around the world. For the past three decades, I have focused most of my energies balancing the tasks of raising a family and trying to create greater opportunity for people all around the world to participate more meaningfully in their local economies and communities. What began as a journey to alleviate poverty and suffering in Central America in the 1980s has evolved into a series of adventures to try to make the world a better place before I depart.

At times, this has involved being an advisor to senior business and government leaders throughout the world, principally on matters of national economic competitiveness strategies, business strategy and entrepreneurship.

At times it has meant working closely with entrepreneurs, investing in and helping create dynamic, growing companies and non profit organizations working to create better incomes for the rural poor or mobilizing resources to protect endangered environments.

It has also meant teaching and facilitating. I have been on the faculty of several leading business schools and work as a Senior Moderator at the Aspen Institute, bringing together diverse groups of leaders from all over the world to facilitate thought provoking, introspective, and dynamic conversations about how they, as leaders, might have greater impact. I have come to believe that the solutions to the world's problems can come from anywhere, but the secret of overcoming these challenges lie within the communities where those problems exist; thus leadership has become an important theme in my life. I increasingly view my role in life as working with talented and dedicated people interested in making the world a better place and doing what I can to help make them more effective locally and globally.

I also like to create, not just to advise. This has led me to also be an active investor and entrepreneur myself, both in the US and abroad. I am particularly keen to bring together three things:

  • People of great vision that inspire change, engender trust and are moved deeply to make a difference.
  • Insights that have the potential to improve our quality of life, protect that which is in danger or to fix that which is broken in our world
  • Capital that can be deployed with foresight, patience, and commitment to finding ways to be leveraged for social and economic good.

I do this work via my consulting/investing firm, Fusion Venture Partners, LLC.

I have decided that in addition to doing this work, it might be helpful to share what I am learning as I do it. Thus, this little corner of the internet. Here I hope to share stories, insights, and visual images that will pass on some of what I have been learning to those of you who might be interested.

My brother once reminded me while we were fishing on the Blackfoot river in Montana, my mind gazing off into the distance as we floated down a remarkably beautiful stretche of river: "you won't catch a fish, brother, if you don't put your fly in the water." Simple, but profoundly true.

I have been watching the world of Social media evolve through the lives of my teenage children and I have been perplexed. And so it is, I can't really dream of playing a meaningful role in bringing people together if I am unwilling to put myself out there a bit to share my process and learning with you. It's a bit of an experiment, really. The first step, much like fishing, is to get the proverbial fly in the water. And in this case, that will be my thoughts, reflections and emerging stories. If you find them interesting, please let me know. We'll see how it goes and where the journey takes us...